The life of women after 30

You Don’t Need to Have it All Together by 30

Life in contemporary times often appears hurried. There is a perpetual endeavor to outpace our future selves, seeking the next significant moment rather than cherishing the present. At the age of 18, the expectation was to have achieved milestones like marriage, a career, a degree, and parenthood by the age of 30. However, at 32, not all these expectations have been met. Nonetheless, having accomplished two out of the four goals is considered satisfactory.

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To wake up in the morning, decide for myself what to do with the day, not encumbered by anyone else’s definition of what it means to be me, or what I should be doing.

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Life and careers often deviate from expected paths

In the grand scheme of plans mapped out, life and career trajectories often veer from anticipated paths. Career changes, relocations, and fresh starts have become routine in the pursuit of stability. The milestone of turning 30 holds significance, particularly for women, as priorities and perspectives shift.

Denzel Washington once remarked on the liberating aspect of youth, highlighting the freedom from the pressure of having life completely figured out. Personal timelines can obscure the value of the journey and the wisdom it imparts.

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Be genuinely happy

Reflecting on one's state of contentment becomes crucial. Moments of introspection allow for a genuine assessment of passions and an acceptance of life's unfolding. Liberating oneself from the confines of predefined expectations fosters personal growth and fulfillment.

Responsibility and financial prudence remain essential, providing stability amidst life's uncertainties. However, life transcends the mere routine of bill payments.

Embracing imperfections and indulging in joy without reservation is paramount. Encouraging others, particularly younger individuals, to prioritize genuine happiness over material pursuits is a valuable lesson.

Create the life you know you’re meant to live by manifesting and doing what you’re most passionate about

Manifesting one's destined path entails pursuing passions fearlessly, whether it involves entrepreneurship, career changes, relocation, or starting anew. Nurturing inner well-being alongside external pursuits is crucial, with the acknowledgment that life need not be fully assembled by a specific age.

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