Finding Ways to Use Social Media for Good


Recent current events have shown us the power of social media in amplifying our collective voices to advocate for change. We can no longer deny the role social media plays in shedding light on issues we care about and, often times, influencing traditional media outlets to cover important stories they may have otherwise turned a blind eye to.

The ACLU’s social media manager, Diana Scholl, recently joined us to discuss ways the ACLU has successfully leveraged their social channels to elevate important conversations, raise funds, and build community. Check out these ways we too can start to use our social platforms to positively impact your own communities.

Connect with Credible Sources

Accuracy should be the basis for news and media resources, especially in regards to laws that impact us or those around us directly. It’s essential to have a primary resource for government laws and community issues.

With lawyers and coalition partners on their team, the ACLU values accuracy making it a worthy go-to source for human rights information. Whether it’s knowing your rights, defending your rights or being aware of issues going on today, the ACLU got you covered.

Be sure to follow accounts on social media that provide accurate, reliable information.

Stay Informed

In our chat with Scholl, she tells us social media is key to keeping the world updated while also staying connected to the ACLU’s audience. Through its growing channels, the ACLU remains proactive by reporting news real time.

As soon as Scholl received word of the Muslim ban protest at JFK airport in January, she made her way to be in the midst of it all. Streaming the protest live on Facebook and tweeting, the ACLU drew a large audience and even larger attention.

Social media is a powerful tool, it’s important that we use it stay informed about what’s going on in our world.

Get Involved

Showing support for the right causes is a bold way to speak up for humanity. Social media is a great way to get involved in the action, and help out when you can. A simple tweet has the potential to influence millions.

Everyone wants to feel a part of something. With social media literally at the tips of our fingers, we hold the power in our hands. Used the right way, it makes all the difference.

In Episode 31, Diana Scholl further breaks down what the ACLU is all about, gives us the behind-the-scenes breakdown of what it was like to be on the ground during the Muslim ban at JFK and explains how social media is key to advocacy today.



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