Travel can change your life

How Travel Deeply Changes Your Life

When contemplating travel, many envision vacations filled with parties, resorts, and abundant alcohol consumption. However, this article diverges from that notion. It focuses on a different kind of travel—one that broadens horizons and fosters emotional growth. This type of travel transforms individuals, offering new perspectives that resonate deeply. It encompasses experiences like exploring local art galleries, leaving lasting impressions on the heart and mind.

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To wake up in the morning, decide for myself what to do with the day, not encumbered by anyone else’s definition of what it means to be me, or what I should be doing.

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If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to get your passports ready. And it’s time to start putting a big chunk of money in your travel fund. Oh wait, you don’t have a travel fund? You need to get on that. Seriously.

Think about this for a second. Commercial flying wasn’t accessible until the last 50 years or so. Travel used to be a huge luxury, and the average person barely knew their own country. We are the first generation to have the ability to move anywhere in the world in under 24hrs. That’s amazing. We are revolutionary and people who travel and experience other cultures are a new breed of humans.

Thanks to the Internet, today’s world is more connected than ever. We are becoming global citizens in our online and social identities. But the only way to see that we’re truly all one and the same is to pack light, go somewhere new and live like a local for a few days. Here’s what travel does to you.

Travel Makes You More Creative

Travel fosters creativity

Creativity sparks out of all the experiences you’ve had as an individual. It’s simple, the more things you see and experience in life, the more creative and unique you are as a person. Travel forces you outside your comfort zone and being in a new environment helps you be more open to experiencing new things. The more things you see, the bigger your “experience bank” becomes—that bank is what makes you, you. And where do you draw inspiration when you’re “being creative”? That’s right, the experience bank.

Travel Makes You More Mindful

When we travel, we get to experience a new culture and a new way of life for the very first time. That’s exhilarating because when we’re experiencing something for the first time, we are full of life and vitality—just like kids.

We get to leave behind our jobs, our duties, our worries and even our identities. We get to be free and completely present in the moment. When we travel, we become fully immersed in the experience and we end up paying attention to the littlest of details—and that’s exactly what mindfulness is about. The more we travel, the more cultures we experience and the more mindful we become as a society. And that, in my opinion is extremely important in moving forward as a human race.

Travel Makes You More Human

Travel brings us together as a human race. It helps us realize that we are all ONE. We are an incredibly diverse species… but we are all the same. The more places you travel to, the more you realize this: most people in the world are just like you, all they want is to love, to be loved and to find happiness. It’s a universal truth.

It’s very important for our generation to discover the world and experience different cultures. It’s very important for our survival to be empathetic and loving to each other. It’s very important to STOP believing whatever a TV set is telling you and start seeing the world with your own eyes.

We should all make a conscious effort to learn about other fellow humans outside of our friends circles. It is the only way we can keep dreaming of the day when we all see ourselves as ONE. One Human Race.

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