Vision for Your Life

Building a Vision for Your Life

The primary insight gleaned thus far is the striking resemblance between the principles governing business organization and those guiding personal development. Individuals who achieve sustained success possess unwavering core principles and values, even as their methods and approaches evolve in response to shifting circumstances. They maintain a clear understanding of their purpose and uphold a vision that dictates their adaptations and non-negotiables. This vision comprises several components:

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To wake up in the morning, decide for myself what to do with the day, not encumbered by anyone else’s definition of what it means to be me, or what I should be doing.

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Your Core Ideology

Core Values – These are your guiding principles and tenets. Their value requires for no justification for you. Write down 3-4 principles you would hold yourself to even if it were disadvantageous to do so. You now have your core values.

Core Purpose – This is why you’re here. Write down a descriptive statement that you think describes your purpose. Now, ask yourself why that purpose is important, and write down your response as your new, more defined purpose. Challenge your purpose by asking why four more times. By the end of the exercise you should be pretty close to your fundamental reason for being.

Your Envisioned Future

Big Hairy Audacious Goals – These goals make up your long-term mission. They serve as a clear focal point; your finish line. They can be qualitative or quantitative, position you as David vs. Goliath, name your role model, or describe an internal transformation. Make sure they are far-fetched and scary. Shoot for the moon to land among the stars and all that.

Vivid Description – This is where you think about what accomplishing your goals looks like. Paint a picture anyone can see. Make it creative and daunting.

Now you have your compass. From here it’s all about alignment. Whatever you take on next, start by thinking about how your vision operates in that context. Whether your focus is business or personal gain, you can approach the next phase confident that your strategy is true to who you are.

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