3 Reasons Why You Should Join an Accountability Club


Nowadays, social media is littered with #SquadGoals (thanks a lot, Taylor Swift). Whether it’s a group getaway in St. Tropez or coordinating outfits, it seems like every group of friends is aspiring toward greatness. But what if you applied that same mentality to your career or #SideHustle?

After participating in an accountability club with SheSays, a global creative network for women, three out of four of our original members (including myself) landed our dream jobs. Coincidence? I think not. I’m 100 percent confident that being part of this network helped me accomplish my goal of transitioning from a career in journalism to nonprofits.

The concept is simple. We took four highly motivated women and met once a month for about two hours. Each person had 30 minutes to discuss her hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations with the undivided attention from other club members.

It’s one thing to simply say you’re going to launch a blog, start a #SideHustle or switch careers. It’s an entirely other thing to have people asking you to map out your plan and share your progress month after month.

Accountability is a beautiful thing. Recently, I joined another accountability club through the leadership mastery seminar at my office and I can’t wait to see how we all grow and learn from it.

There are countless benefits to being part of an accountability club, three of which I’ll share here:

1) No more excuses.

“I don’t have time.” “I’ll get to it eventually.” “I don’t know where to start.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever uttered any of these phrases (raises both hands). A good accountability club member will call you out on your bullshit and force you to face the music with constructive criticism, of course. They’ll also let you know when you’re doing the most with the least.

2) There’s safety in numbers.

You don’t have to go it alone. Sharing your goals with like-minded individuals strengthens you. Sometimes all it takes is having someone believe in you. Being part of accountability club is like having a built-in support system (it’s why people often refer to them as accountabili-buddies…or maybe that’s just me).

3) Two words: Girl. Power.

Sure, you can have an accountability club with men, but there’s something truly magical when a group of women gets together to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. There’s enough of that already (here’s looking at you, Real Housewives franchise). It’s like my accountabili-buddy and friend Anuli says, “when one of us wins, we all win.” Amen, sister friend, amen.

If a formal get-together is too much, try starting an email thread with a select few like-minded individuals. There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you work together. Now those are real #SquadGoals.


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