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Episode 28: Big Up Yourself (with Darian Symoné Harvin)

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Her Agenda Slack Group: heragenda.com/the-agenda
Darian Symoné Harvin: @dariansymone | theseam.co | #aiatla

Episode 27: Change Gon’ Come (with Jeremy D. Williams)

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Rants, Raves + Reviews: MyFitnessPalGreat by Choice – Jim Collins
Jeremy D. Williams: @jeremydwill | jeremydwill.com
Ask Joblogues: gooverseas.com

Episode 26: You Gon’ Learn Today!

Skillshare: 3 Months Premium for $0.99
Learning Platforms: Coursera | Khan Academy | Codecademy | TED talks | Lynda.com
US News: 8 Websites for Free Online Learning

Episode 25: The Time of Our Lives

Kikolani: 19 Productivity and Time Management Apps for 2016
Interview Questions: joblogues.com/ebook

Episode 24: The Path

Rants, Raves + Reviews: Glassdoor
What Color is Your Parachute? amzn.to/1GW6o3P

Episode 23: Working While Woke
(with Melissa Kimble + Janet Asante)

Melissa Kimble: blkcreatives.com | @blkcreatives
Janet Asante: notesfromHR.com | @notesfromHR
This Afropolitan Life: Returning to Work After Tragic Events

Episode 22: The Interview Slay

Rants, Raves + Reviews: Lyft
Interview Questions: joblogues.com/ebook

Episode 21: Slump Season

The Muse: 5 Morning Rituals That Will Completely Change the Course of Your Day

Episode 20: Winning Circles
(with Amber Greene, Isaiah Greene + Michael Frederick)

Pipeline Programs for People of Color: MLT, NSBE, All Star Code, Young Hackers
Marvin Stickel – Let’s Get Tactical: Diversity Hiring in Tech

Episode 19: Wanderlust (with Janel Martinez)

Rants, Raves & Reviews: Google Translate (Android/iPhone) | GroupOn
Janel Martinez: aintilatina.com | 2020shift.com | @janelmwrites

Episode 18: The Content Connoisseur (with Jonathan Jackson)

Rants, Raves & Reviews: PrismAnchor
LinkedIn Resources: Slideshare | Pulse
Jonathan Jackson: @jon__jackson | Instagram

Episode 17: The Business of Blogging (with Kelly Augustine)

Rants, Raves & Reviews: Toggl | Adobe Creative Cloud
ESSENCE: Kelly’s Career Hacks
Kelly Augustine: kellyaugustine.com | @kellyaugustineb | YouTube

Episode 16: The Long Game (with Brandon Williams)

Rants, Raves & Reviews: black-ish | mint.com
Invest Radicle: investradicle.com
Black Market Exchange: thebmex.com
Investopedia: investopedia.com
Harvard Business Review: How Successful People Network with Each Other
Longform Podcast: Episode #37 with Ann Friedman

Episode 15: The Washed Life (with Erin Styles)

Improv Brunch: joblogues.com/improvbrunch
Rants, Raves & Reviews: Still Buffering | Tone It Up

Episode 14: The Switch Up (with Ariel Lopez)

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Rants, Raves & Reviews: canva.com | iemoji.com | google.com/drive
Ariel Lopez: 2020Shift.com | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Episode 13: When in Doubt, Don’t (with Sakita Holley)

Redwork.co: redwork.co
NYPL Digital Collection: digitalcollections.nypl.org
HARO: helpareporter.com
6 Linkedin Invitation Templates That Get a Response Every Time
The Sakita Method: 10 Job Search Tips That Work
Sakita Holley: Firm | Blog | Twitter | Podcast: iTunes / Soundcloud
Become a Contributor: joblogues.com/contribute

Episode 12: Oh, What a Year!

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Episode 11: Mailbaggin’ It

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Harvard Business Review: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
NPR: Politics Podcast

Episode 10: Back to the Grind (with Rachel Abady)

43 Questions eBook: joblogues.com/ebook
Mashable: The Full New York Times Innovation Report
The Devil Finds Work – James Baldwin: amzn.to/1N0gRJ7
Letters of Note: amzn.to/1NjtbTX
The Podcast Broadcast: tinyletter.com/thepodcastbroadcast
Your First 10k Downloads: yourfirst10kdownloads.com

Episode 9: The Creative Hustle (with J.T. Liss)

Morgan DeBaun Forbes Feature: onforb.es/1WSSYHO
43 Questions eBook: joblogues.com/ebook
Tomorrow Looks Bright: tomorrowlooksbright.com
Creating Brand Loyalty Through Stellar Customer Service: bit.ly/1iuXM8U
Facebook: Safety Check
Netflix: Master of None
Books: The New Jim Crow | A People’s History of the United States 
Artists: Dave East | BK The Artist
Resources: Pixlr
JT Liss: jtlissphotography.com | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
NPR: Submit an episode to earbud.fm

Episode 8: Buzzwordy

43 Questions eBook: joblogues.com/ebook
Pop-Up Magazine: popupmagazine.com
Forbes Under 30 Summit: 2016 Summit
Hamilton: hamiltonbroadway.com
Seeking a Slash Career: bit.ly/1MrVeQI
What Color is Your Parachute? amzn.to/1GW6o3P
Adrian’s Race [for Strangers with Lea Thau]: bit.ly/1FgYP0p

Episode 7: Decisions and Consequences (with Yana Brown)

43 Questions eBook: joblogues.com/ebook
Soulection: soundcloud.com/soulection
Elegant Conceptions: instagram.com/elegantconceptions
Between the World and Me: amzn.to/1LxexbK

Episode 6: Beauty and the Brand (with Devon M. Williams)

Calm App: calm.com
Pico Iyer – The Art of Stillness: amzn.to/1M5qQAa
Devon Williams: devonmwilliams.com
Dodge Durango Commercial: youtu.be/eIiVsU0Tzxw

Episode 5: The Fourth Estate (with Jenna Hanchard)

The 90 Day Rule: bit.ly/1LU8EHB
Adventures Abroad – Amma: bit.ly/1UQLV75
America Needs You: americaneedsyou.org
The Emma Bowen Foundation: emmabowenfoundation.com
Jenna Hanchard: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Grace Jones – I’ll Never Write My Memoirs: amzn.to/1gEUcrN

Episode 4: It Takes a Village (with Morgan DeBaun)

Red Work: redwork.co
Blavity: blavity.com
My Creative Connection: lovemycc.com
Paige & Paxton: paigeandpaxton.com

Episode 3: #Instafamous (with Yuxi Liu)

Entrepreneurs of New York (CreateNYC): instagram.com/createnyc
Submit a Story to CreateNYC: ToCreateNYC@gmail.com

Episode 2: My Friend, the Publicist (with Erin Styles)

Erin Styles: Twitter | Instagram
NBC Universal Page Program: pageprogram.nbcunicareers.com

Episode 1: The Time We Made a Podcast
(with Gina Principato & Wei Tsay)

Avantūr: avantur.co
V-Curated: vcurated.com