The best search engine practices are always at the forefront of SEO practices, even when the search engine itself is not yet actively involved, contact a SEO firm to learn all about it!

While the search engine may not yet have an explicit “optimization” or “SEO” role in search, the search engine still helps to structure content, serve up relevant results to users, and provide a framework for determining a user’s intent.

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Google has, for example, taken this very seriously, with more than 15 “best practices” pages and an internal team dedicated to making search better.

This focus on SEO, which we discussed in detail in a previous post on Google’s “Google’s Search and Content Ranking Factors,” helps to explain why it’s relatively uncommon for publishers to have SEO and social media teams. Indeed, if you do, they should be focused on providing value to users by providing useful content in order to drive traffic to their site.

But to be sure, there’s value to be found in both approaches: you just have to find which one is more valuable for your target audience, and optimize accordingly.

So what does it mean to “market your business with the power of words”? Well, the most straightforward definition of “marketing” involves building up a large customer list with the purpose of converting more users into sales. That’s what you do with every marketing channel: you build up a base of contacts and you try to convert those contacts into potential customers (see Figure 1). But you can’t just create a list with one objective in mind: converting customers into customers. You have to build your list from scratch, build it to the size you need, and then you must figure out how to deliver the message to them, and how to manage your list to make sure you convert those potential customers. That’s why a customer success team is so important.

The customer success team is the best way to deliver a message with the following characteristics:

It has a well-defined objective to support It’s managed by people with deep experience and knowledge of your business and the customer It’s part of the company’s overall growth strategy and results The team’s expertise is valuable and will help you identify the best customer experience practices in the industry.


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