3 Easy Tips to Jumpstart Your Meal Prepping Journey


We’ve heard it over and over again, if you want to be healthier you have to eat healthier. Simple, right? If it is so easy, why is it so freaking hard to say no to the cupcakes and yes and to the kale salad? I struggled with this question for years. I wanted to be healthier, eat healthier foods and cut back on junk food but it was tough. I was ready to give up when one of my cousins taught me all about meal prepping. Meal prepping is not hard or complicated, but it is time consuming. However, if you can look past that, you will save money, eat cleaner and have one less thing to worry about during the work week.


So let’s get to it! There are different ways to meal prep. Some people prep for a couple of days, others for a couple of meals, and others, like myself, do it for the entire week. So here are three simple tips to help you jumpstart your meal prepping journey!


Keep it Consistent


If this is the first time you are meal prepping, look at your schedule and pick a day you can devote anywhere from 3 – 5 hours to the kitchen. I usually reserve my Sundays for this process. Because I cook for the entire week for both my husband and myself, I need the entire day. Remember, the amount of time you need depends on how much you plan on cooking or prepping. Having a set time for meal prepping is extremely important to staying consistent.


Make a Grocery List


In advance, decide on your menu for the week. Select the recipes, the snacks, and make a list of all your ingredients. Creating a list helps you keep track of what you are eating and how much you are spending. If you have a weekly budget for food, making a list will also help you stick to your budget by selecting items that are within your financial means. Remember only items on the list can be purchased.




You’ve set a time to meal prep, you’ve made your list and purchased all your ingredients from the supermarket, now is time for the fun part! Play your favorite album and get to cooking! I usually start by seasoning the meats first and letting them marinate. Then I cook my vegetables, and package my snacks. I like to separate each meal into personal servings but you do not have to do that. The best part about meal prepping is that it adjusts to your schedule and or needs. You can do as much, or as little as you want.


I’ve been meal prepping for over 3 years now. By prepping my food at home, I save a lot of money by taking my lunch to work. Since I cook my own food, I know exactly what I am eating and how it is made. Meal prepping is not only for people looking to lose weight, everyone can benefit from a lil preparation. Since I have a second job, I love the freedom of not having to cook during the week after work. So, stop fighting it, and give it a try!



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Yenory is a DC based holistic health enthusiast/naturalista committed to healthy living. She is both an AFAA certified group exercise instructor and a certified Exoterobics instructor. Yenory’s passion and commitment to living happier and healthier is the driving force behind iAmHealthyFit. Yenory is currently an instructor at The P Spot where she teaches pole fitness. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.